Wildlife Membership Terms and Conditions - Trentham Estate

Wildlife Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Cannot be purchased in conjunction with any day ticket, voucher (including Tesco Clubcard Vouchers), promotion, special offer or inclusive travel package. Promotional vouchers can only be used when purchasing a ticket at the Gardens Entrance on the day of the visit.
  • Access outside of normal trading hours must be booked through site security on or prior to arrival. You need to state name, car registration number, location/ areas being visited. No access on Thursday after closure to normal Friday opening hours throughout year.
  • No access will be allowed in severe weather conditions e.g. wind gusts exceeding 40mph (MET Office Forecasts Stoke-on-Trent).
  • Do not access steps or steep slopes in icy conditions.
  • Access codes and access arrangements must not be shared with other individuals. Note the combinations are changed regularly and you will be informed of these via Security when you require access. Please ensure locks are re locked and the code not left visible.
  • Members should follow the Countryside Code at all times and not disturb wildlife be quiet and discrete, do not approach animals or birds that causes them to be agitated or distressed. Do not disturb breeding wildlife.  Do sit quietly and let wildlife come to you.
  • Do not intentionally spook animals or birds by shouting, making noise or throwing objects towards it.
  • Do not use lure sound recordings (e.g. bird song) as this unethical as its disturbs wildlife from natural behaviour.
  • Do not approach nest sites or adults with young.
  • If you observe wildlife in distress please report to our staff as soon as possible with a description of bird/ animal affected, what injury/distress observed, location and date and time.
  • Please do not lure wildlife using food other than by prior agreement in writing from The Trentham Estate.
  • Access outside of normal gardening opening hours at own risk. Stay on pathways at all times. Use appropriate lighting to move safely around the garden in low light levels. Torches/phones/head lamps should be covered with a red filter to prevent disturbance of wildlife.
  • Follow guidance from Security or posted on entry gates ref area closures. Accessing areas cordoned off by post and rope, fencing or any form of hazard barrier or signage will result in suspension or removal of membership access.
  • No photography or filming of visitors, tenants, staff, volunteers, or contractors. No photography of development works during construction/maintenance.  No use of drones.
  • No alcohol or drugs.
  • No camping or use of stoves/heaters/cooking equipment.
  • Membership card to be carried at all times.
  • No dogs outside of normal garden opening hours.
  • Members are not allowed to reserve hides or viewing screens. No use of pop up hides.
  • Any member who aids and abets a non member to access will result in suspension or removal of membership access.
  • No accessing water (rivers & edge of riverbanks, lake, pools).
  • Leave no litter. Please either take it home or pop it into the nearest bin.
  • Juvenile members (12 years plus) need to be accompanied by an adult wildlife membership holder whether they are day or night.
  • Cars may only be parked on the recognised car parks on the retail area and southern entrance (Monkey Park). Note: no overnight parking at the Monkey Park.
  • Trentham will be closed at 4pm 24 December to 9am 26 December.
  • No access to areas being used for events.
  • Keep noise to a minimum, please do not disturb other members, anglers or residents. Please respect local residents.
  • Members must not cut, damage or remove trees, shrubs or vegetation.
  • To ensure the security of the site members agree that membership cards may be checked and bags searched at any time by Security. Please do not be offended if management or security request to view images taken during a site visit, this is for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.
  • No access to Trentham Monkey Forest, Tagg’s Marsh, Trentham Hall or residential buildings on site.
  • Please ensure you have a charged mobile phone with you whilst on site in case of emergency. Download the free app at what3words.com to ID your location and enable Trentham or Emergency Services to ID your location in the gardens.
  • Please check with Security before you travel to site to check the site is open outside of normal hours. Check our website for updates on normal opening hours prior to traveling.

Infringement of the rules may result in a warning and/or possible exclusion from the site. Trentham reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone deemed to be acting in an inappropriate manner on the site.

Useful Contact Number:  Duty Security: 07966 247 393

Updated August 2023.