Walking your dog

Trentham Gardens is dog friendly and the perfect place for a walk.


Dogs Welcome

We love seeing dogs enjoying Trentham, but please remember not everyone loves dogs. With this in mind, we ask if you could you please follow these 4 simple rules:

  • Keep it clean: clean up after your dog to keep the wildlife safe and Trentham clean.
  • Take the lead: Keep your dog on a short lead at all times, we only allow dogs off leads in the area, located on the walk up towards North Park on the Estate. This is for your dog’s safety, other visitors’ wellbeing, and to protect our livestock and wildlife.
  • Keep them with you: keep dogs out of the children’s Play Area and Barefoot Walk
  • Keep dogs to the paths: many of our planted areas, lakeside margins, woodland, and heaths are home to rare, endangered mammals and birds, please keep your dog on main pathways and lawns. Pause and give wildlife a wide birth especially birds, deer, and livestock as the stress of dog encounters can be as fatal as a bite.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the site. According to the Hunting Act (2004), it is an offence to let your dog attack a wild animal. Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs and if they are found to be involved in an attack of this nature, the owner will be held accountable and they could face prosecution.


Assistance dogs are welcome inside all our shops, cafes and restaurants.