Rivers of Grass & Floral Labyrinth

Be intrigued and discover the tall grass in full bloom and get lost amongst a maze of flowers


Rivers of Grass

The Rivers of Grass evoke a sense of intimacy for the visitor amongst the unrestricted flow of plant form and texture, developing within the garden throughout the year.

A naturalistic weave of grasses and punctuating herbaceous perennials created by internationally acclaimed designer Piet Oudolf, have been specifically selected to grow en masse. They are adapted to thrive in naturally challenging growing conditions. A first-class example of man working with nature and not against it and the perfect location to enjoy a picnic on one of the many picnic benches dotted around the lakeside walks.

Floral Labyrinth

A labyrinth of paths meander through 30 beds of tall perennial planting, offering up bold colours and wonderful aromas. In early spring enjoy displays of bulbs. The perennials will be at their peak from mid summer and we retain their seedhead displays into January for the benefit of visitors, photographers and wildlife.

Piet Oudolf’s contemporary scheme is set against a backdrop of historic parkland, containing old Yew trees, a Tulip tree and an Acer capidoccium-Cappadocia maple – which has the largest girth in the British Isles. The depth of colour and shadow of the majestic Cedar of Lebanon, contrasts beautifully with the bold drifts of herbaceous perennials.