Hat Trick for Trentham's Beavers: Three New Kits Join the Family! - Trentham Estate
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Hat Trick for Trentham’s Beavers: Three New Kits Join the Family!

Trentham Estate is thrilled to announce that their family of Eurasian beavers has welcomed three new kits. This exciting news comes just a year after the reintroduction of the species to Staffordshire, highlighting the success of the ongoing conservation efforts.

Since their reintroduction into the 182-acre enclosure in partnership with the Beaver Trust, the beaver family has thrived in their new environment. This significant milestone underscores the positive impact of the conservation project, aimed at restoring and enhancing the biodiversity of the area.

This marks the second year in a row that Trentham has welcomed new baby beavers, following the birth of two kits last year in their first year of residence. This is a testament to the suitability of the environment at Trentham for the beaver family, and the success of this reintroduction project.

Watch exclusive footage of the new additions playing at the water side of the Trentham lake.

Beaver family have settled well in their Staffordshire home

Back in March 2023, Trentham welcomed a family of Eurasian beavers into a 182-acre enclosure and parkland lake setting in partnership with the Beaver Trust. The enclosure is the largest Beaver enclosure in Britain, and allowed Trentham to re-introduce the native British species known for their keystone effect and benefits they bring to ecosystems to their land.

Trentham’s Beaver and Wildlife Ranger, Harvey-Jay Tweats, shared his enthusiasm: “We are absolutely over the moon with the arrival of three new kits! This birth is not only an incredible moment for us but also a powerful testament to the success of our beaver reintroduction project. The fact that our beavers have now had kits for two consecutive years shows just how well they have adapted to their new home. Their activities are transforming the landscape, creating a thriving wetland that benefits countless other species. Watching them build their lodges, fell trees, and engineer their environment is truly awe-inspiring. These beavers are nature’s ultimate engineers, and their growing family is a fantastic sign of the health of our ecosystem here at Trentham.”

Since the release of the beavers at Trentham in 2023, the Beaver Project has significantly boosted eco-tourism in the area. Over 200 people have embarked on a Trentham Beaver Safari, attracted by the unique opportunity to observe these fascinating creatures up close. The rise in eco-tourism has brought numerous benefits to Trentham, including increased awareness of conservation efforts and enhanced educational opportunities for visitors.

Visitors to Trentham can see if they can spot the new arrivals and witness the beavers’ handiwork firsthand and join in the celebrations with special wildlife experiences:

  • Beaver Safaris: Embark on an educational journey throughout spring and summer, where an experienced guide will share insights into Trentham’s restoration and biodiversity efforts.
  • Wildlife Discovery Cruises: Every Wednesday, hop aboard the eco-friendly electric catamaran, Miss Elizabeth, for a guided cruise on the Trentham lake. Learn about the conservation initiatives and spot a variety of wildlife, including the chance to see the beavers in their natural habitat.

For more information on these experiences, visit the Trentham website here.