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Whittard of Chelsea

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Whittard of Chelsea have been providing the finest tea, coffee, and luxury cocoa since 1886, along with a wide range of tableware and expert brewing equipment.

Along with a selection of distinctive single-origin teas and coffees from some of the world’s most renowned plantations and rare tastes from specially chosen smallholdings, Whittard are also known for their wide range of exclusive blends, many of which have been customer favourites for well over a century.

With a stylish range of ceramics by contemporary designers, a range of beautiful gift sets, and a bespoke hamper service, Whittard adds a touch of ceremony to the everyday cuppa. Stop by to try a range of daily tastings, or for a bit of expert advice from their friendly staff – they’ve got good taste down to a tea…

Opening Times

Monday10am - 5:30pm
Tuesday10am - 5:30pm
Wednesday10am - 5:30pm
Thursday10am - 5:30pm
Friday10am - 5:30pm
Saturday10am - 5:30pm
Sunday10am - 5:30pm

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Trentham Shopping Village
Stone Road