Visitors on the autistic spectrum

It’s great to hear you’re planning a trip to Trentham. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your day.


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We’ve put together a few tips for those visitors on the autistic spectrum to help you plan out your visit beforehand.

Trentham Gardens Visual Guide

Plan Ahead

Due to the nature of the Estate, some areas may provoke anxiety or challenges at peak and busy times, particularly to visitors with sensory sensitivity. However, we know that it can be reassuring to plan and prepare ahead of your visit. Maps for Trentham can be viewed online before you visit:

The Trentham Estate Map

Shopping Village Map

These maps are also available at the Gardens Entrance, should you need them on the day.

Quieter Times

Attractions at Trentham can be busy during peak times (weekends and school holidays) so visiting during our off-peak times may be more comfortable for you. During the summer, Trentham Gardens is open from 8am (for members) until 9pm (June and July) and 8pm in August. You can often enjoy a more peaceful visit at either end of the day.

Opening Times

Places of Interest

Sensory Garden

Barefoot Walk


Nature in Bronze

Become a member

You may want to visit the gardens on a regular basis but only for a small amount of time. Becoming a member of Trentham Gardens can be the easiest way to do this without having to pay for day tickets on every visit. You can also avoid the queues by scanning straight in at the gate.

More About Memberships

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We want to make sure your experience at The Trentham Estate is the best it can be and should you have any questions or specific needs that are not covered above, please contact us.

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