The Parterre Garden

The Parterre Garden (now known as The Upper Flower Garden) was originally accessed down the steps from a Terrace Garden in front of the Library and Drawing Room in the Hall. It was beautifully designed with strong geometric shapes and Italian style stone balustrading and stone seats which were recently restored. How many different shapes and patterns can you spot?

The elements of the garden have different symbolism, from pools and fountains symbolising the springing of life from the ground to clipped hedges and trees symbolising human control of the wilderness.

There were ornate sculptures and urns mimicking the fine art of Italian masters and 4 loggias which contained mythological statues. Only one loggia remains today, but you can see others in the background of this illustration. The wide gravel pathways made it easier for groups of guests to walk around easily – especially with the wide skirts that were in fashion at this time!

Large circular pools and fountains symbolise birth and the springing of life from the ground and are often the heart of Italian garden design. Coloured gravels and vibrant plants were vital to show off the status of the Estate to noble guests visiting the Hall from across the world.

Here's a photograph of the garden during restoration: