The Lido

A much cherished and enjoyed feature of the Estate was the large outdoor swimming pool which opened in 1935. The fun was short lived after subsidence from local mining damaged the pool. It was demolished in 1986 and the only feature that remains in the gardens today is the steps you can see here - the rest of the pool would have sat inside the Monkey Forest.

Lots of our visitors reminisce about their childhoods spent at the pool. This is a short excerpt from Christine who visited in 1946 just after the war when she was 6 years old with her father.

“It is still my favourite of memories. The enchanting thoughts will linger forever, where my Father taught me to swim… where the ice cream tasted of real cream, and picnics by the River Trent sometimes were a simple sandwich…. Trentham will always be a place of dreams for all peoples who had the privilege to enjoy it, just as it was then”.

Image supplied by Brampton Museum & Art Gallery