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Trentham X David Austin®: Cultivating Elegance in Our Rose Border Revival

As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Trentham Gardens, we are delighted to embark on a thrilling venture with David Austin®, renowned for their exquisite English Roses. This collaboration is at the heart of our ‘Gardens Revisited’ initiative, celebrating two decades of horticultural innovation and excellence at one of the UK’s most beloved historic gardens.

A Fresh Bloom: David Austin® Roses Take the Lead

The forthcoming transformation of our rose border heralds a new era for Trentham. With preparations beginning this week, our dedicated gardening team will commence by removing the existing flora to pave the way for an exquisite new scheme. This endeavour not only revitalises the space but also introduces a handpicked selection of David Austin’s finest pink and white roses, showcasing unparalleled beauty and diversity.

David Austin Roses, with their storied history of breeding iconic roses, are at the forefront of this redesign. The selection will feature a variety of fragrances, flower shapes, and sizes, chosen specifically to create a unique sensory experience for all who wander through the border. Alongside a collection of English shrub roses, the inclusion of species roses and old roses further enhances the border’s diversity, ensuring a rich tapestry of blooms that captures the essence of an English garden.

Integrating with ‘Gardens Revisited’

The redesign of the rose border is a pivotal component of the broader ‘Gardens Revisited’ project, which itself is a reflection of Trentham’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. This project aligns with our vision to continually adapt and improve upon the foundations laid by the groundbreaking designs of Tom Stuart-Smith and the influential planting schemes of Piet Oudolf.

Our partnership with David Austin® Roses exemplifies this vision, blending traditional charm with cutting-edge horticultural practices. This collaboration allows us to harness their extensive expertise in rose  breeding, ensuring that the new rose border will not only thrive but also adapt to the challenges posed by a changing climate.

Celebrating Together

This transformation is just one of the many ways we are marking Trentham’s landmark anniversary. We invite all garden enthusiasts and visitors to join us in celebrating this special year, as we host a variety of events and activities designed to engage and inspire. The rose border project, in particular, invites visitors to experience firsthand the beauty and innovation that can arise from such a fruitful partnership. As Trentham Gardens continues to evolve, our collaboration with David Austin® Roses stands as a beacon of beauty, renewal, and sustainability, promising to enchant visitors for years to come. Keep an eye on our updates as we share more about this exciting project, and join us in anticipating the bloom of a new season at Trentham Estate.