Trentham Shopping Village Hosts Exclusive UK Exhibition of Jacky Zegers' Unique Artwork at Glazed Art - Trentham Estate

Trentham Shopping Village Hosts Exclusive UK Exhibition of Jacky Zegers’ Unique Artwork at Glazed Art

Visitors flocked to the store to meet the famous artist on Saturday 20th April

Trentham Shopping Village was thrilled to host an exclusive meet and greet and UK exhibition featuring the unique, one-off pieces of internationally renowned Dutch artist Jacky Zegers on Saturday 20th April. This special event was held at Glazed Art, the only UK retailer privileged to offer Zegers’ vibrant and distinctive pop art statue artworks.

This exhibition provided a unique opportunity for art lovers and collectors to experience Zegers’ philosophy firsthand through her art. Each piece is infused with the artist’s lively spirit and her commitment to spreading happiness through vibrant, energetic designs. Jacky spent the day meeting fans, talking about her work and signing autographs at the packed-out event.

Jacky Zegers, known for her bold, whimsical creations that bring a splash of joy and colour to any space, brought her artistic vision to the UK for the first time. Her work, characterised by its playful forms and energetic expressions, aligns with her mission: “to make people happy with my art.” Zegers believes that focusing on positivity and beauty helps to spread joy and love, contributing to a happier world.

Gareth Hine, Senior Asset Manager at Trentham Shopping Village said: “This is a real coup for us, and we’re delighted that Jacky’s first visit to the UK was to Trentham. Mark and the team at Glazed Art have a growing reputation for working with some of the best artists in the industry with visitors always looking forward to seeing what’s on display next!”

About Glazed Art

Glazed Art is a leading art retailer in Trentham Shopping Village, known for bringing unique and exclusive artwork to the UK market. It provides a platform for artists like Jacky Zegers to reach art enthusiasts who appreciate the essence and vibrancy of original art.

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