Trentham Celebrates Beaver Release Anniversary with BBC Countryfile Easter Sunday Feature - Trentham Estate

Trentham Celebrates Beaver Release Anniversary with BBC Countryfile Easter Sunday Feature

Trentham will feature on Countryfile Easter Sunday Special

Wednesday 27th March marks one year since Trentham reintroduced Beavers to Staffordshire

Presenter of BBC’s popular show ‘Countryfile’ Margherita Taylor will be heading to the Trentham Estate on the Trent Valley Easter Sunday special of the BBC TV show.

The feature coincides with the anniversary of the beavers being reintroduced to Staffordshire by Trentham. Margherita will be learning about how the beaver family have made themselves at home at the Grade II* listed gardens with Trentham’s Beaver Ranger Harvey-Jay Tweats, as they study their coppicing behaviour and their lodge building activities within the largest beaver enclosure in Britain.  

Margherita will then join Trentham’s Wildlife Ranger Duncan Coleman on a cruise of the Trentham mile-long serpentine lake, discovering species that reside on the lake including grey herons, little egrets, and cormorants – and take the chance to spot other bird species at Trentham which can include goosander, black swan, gadwall, tufted duck, oyster catcher and mandarin duck.

Beaver Family Have Settled To Their Staffordshire Home

On Monday 27th March 2023, Trentham welcomed a family of Eurasian beavers into a 182-acre enclosure and parkland lake setting in a partnership with the Beaver Trust. The enclosure is the largest Beaver enclosure in Britain, and allowed Trentham to re-introduce the native British species known for their keystone effect and benefits they bring to ecosystems to their land.

Trentham’s Beaver and Wildlife Ranger Harvey-Jay Tweats is thrilled with how successful the project has been, and looks back on how the beavers have made themselves at home over the past year.

Harvey said “It’s fascinating to see the changes the beavers have made to Trentham in their first year in Staffordshire. The beavers are so settled in their new environment that they had two kits within their first summer.

“It’s been incredible to witness their tree-felling and canal-digging activities as they create a complex wetland for all manner of wildlife to thrive. Beavers do not kill trees, in fact they coppice them, which produces dense shrubs great for nesting birds and habitats for other wildlife. They really are nature’s engineers. I’m looking forward to what changes the next year brings.”

As part of Trentham’s wildlife and eco tourism offer, there are several new wildlife experiences available for visitors to enjoy.

Beaver Safari

Throughout Spring and Summer visitors can embark on a Beaver Safari where they will learn about Trentham’s restoration and biodiversity from an experienced guide. Participants will develop observational skills and knowledge about UK wildlife, hear stories behind Trentham’s rewilding and learn the rich landscape history.

For more information visit Trentham’s website here.  

Wildlife Discovery Cruises on the Lake

The popular tourist attraction will be holding guided wildlife cruises every Wednesday, aboard Trentham Estate’s eco-friendly electric catamaran Miss Elizabeth. The cruise will give people the chance to learn about Trentham’s commitment to conservation and spot a range of wildlife. As well as the chance to see the beavers, other wildlife they may spot at the site include water voles, weasels, herons and cormorants.

For more information visit Trentham’s website here

The Countryfile episode featuring Trentham will be on BBC One at 6pm on Sunday 31st March.