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That Cheshire Family – A Fun Day Out

We have been fortunate to experience many events at Trentham Gardens including live shows, concerts and outdoor movies which I have thoroughly enjoyed with my family and friends. Every time I’ve attended one of these events, I’ve been awestruck by the beautiful backdrop of the Trentham Lake and said to myself I should come back just to explore the gardens some day! 

So, I woke up one Saturday morning, got dressed and headed to Staffordshire with my 5 year old son Eli, to explore Trentham Gardens. This beautifully designed, well-maintained, garden, is an ideal destination for families who want to spend a day outdoors and enjoy some fresh air amidst stunning natural scenery. Eli and I had an amazing time exploring the gardens and participating in the various activities that it has to offer.

One of the most exciting attractions at Trentham Gardens is the fairy quest. As soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the start of the trail, and Eli’s eyes lit up with excitement when he spotted the first fairy. The fairy quest is a magical experience of finding 21 enchanting fairy sculptures dotted around the garden. The detail in these sculptures was impressive! 

Along the trail we stopped to appreciate the beautiful blooms of the season. It was a riot of colour with a range of flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and bluebells in full bloom. Eli was particularly taken with the impressive display of daffodils, which were planted in neat rows and seemed to stretch out over a vast area “Take my picture with these daffodils mummy” he said, as he stood amongst the daffodils and smiled. 

After completing the fairy trail, we decided to take a ride on the miniature train, which is another lovely attraction to keep little ones engaged. The train ride takes visitors on a scenic tour around the gardens, and Eli was thrilled to climb aboard and watch as the miniature train chugged along the tracks. The ride took us past stunning flower beds, lush green trees, the lake and even some resident wildlife such as ducks and geese. As we rode around the gardens on the Mini train we were taking in the stunning view of the park and waving at people walking their dogs along the path. 

I wanted a break after the ride, so we headed to a lovely little cafe by the adventure playground and ordered a delicious lunch. We then treated ourselves to an ice cream at the kiosk outside the cafe. With ice cream in one hand, we headed straight into the hide and speak maze. We played a game of hide and seek in the maze and used the talking pipes to find our way out! After over an hour’s play in the adventure playground, Eli only agreed to leave so he wouldn’t miss out on the ferry. 

We made it just in time for the last ride! The miss Elizabeth boat on the lake at the heart of the gardens, was one of the highlights of that day. A charming and traditional wooden boat, which takes visitors on a leisurely tour of the lake. We climbed aboard and settled into our seats, and as the boat set off, we were surrounded by stunning views of the gardens. We saw graceful swans and ducks paddling along the water, and we were impressed by the variety of trees and plants that lined the banks of the lake.

The ferry ride was a relaxing and peaceful experience, and it was a lovely way to see the gardens from a different perspective. Eli was fascinated by the movement of the water and the ripples that were created as the boat glided through the lake. We both enjoyed taking in the stunning views and the fresh air, and it was a perfect way to end our visit to the gardens.

Trentham Gardens has so much to offer visitors of all ages. There are various other activities and attractions to enjoy such as the Monkey Forest, where visitors can watch monkeys roaming freely in a natural woodland setting and the Trentham shopping village which has a range of unique and interesting shops and cafes.

Whether you’re local or visiting from further afield, Trentham Gardens is definitely worth a visit! 

That Cheshire Family

Name: Neha Sawant