National Gardening Week: Preparing for a Floral Transformation at Trentham’s Shopping Village - Trentham Estate
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National Gardening Week: Preparing for a Floral Transformation at Trentham’s Shopping Village

As we continue our celebration of National Gardening Week, today’s focus turns to the exciting transformations planned for the Shopping Village here at Trentham Gardens. The vibrant spring and summer are just around the corner, and with them come the revitalisation of our planters, which have provided a cosy, winter-themed retreat through the colder months.

Local Partnerships and Sustainable Practices

At Trentham, we’re committed to sustainability and strengthening community ties. This commitment extends into every aspect of our gardening. While we won’t be sharing specific links today, we’re proud to mention our ongoing partnership with local nurseries like Thursfield Nurseries, whose dedication to quality and passion for plants helps us bring you the very best in floral selections.

Spotlight on This Season’s Star Plants

This year, our floral lineup promises to be as exciting as ever. Returning favourites and new additions are poised to captivate visitors:

  • Canna: The tropical allure of the Canna plants will return, bringing with them a dash of vibrant colour and dramatic flair.
  • Petunia Ray Purple Vein: Known for its mysterious charm, this petunia variety is a visual feast with its intricate veining and rich hues.
  • Thunbergia Alata ‘Rose Sensation’: A newcomer to our displays, this plant offers delicate blooms that add a gentle contrast to the more vibrant mainstays.
  • Passiflora Caerulea: Also known as the passion flower, this exotic addition will provide a touch of the tropics with its intricate and captivating blooms.

The Transformation Begins

With over 3000 plants ready to be positioned across our 18 small, 12 medium, and 12 large planters, plus 50 terracotta pots, the stage is set for a grand display. Our dedicated team of gardeners is actively preparing for the big planting day scheduled for 14 May. This careful preparation ensures that each planter is perfectly curated to showcase the plants’ beauty and create an inviting atmosphere throughout the Shopping Village.

Join Us On This Floral Journey

We invite all our visitors and followers to stay engaged as we prepare for these vibrant changes. Your ongoing support and feedback fuel our efforts and inspire us to create these beautiful, living tapestries that enhance your experience at Trentham.