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The Mummy That Eats – Spring at Trentham

Recently, my husband, daughter and I had our first real ‘taste’ of spring as we visited Trentham Estate at the start of April. 

Upon arrival, the sun was beaming, the lake was glistening and the flowers were starting to bloom. As annual pass holders, visiting Trentham is part of our normal regime, but this time, felt different.

We spent practically all day in the gardens, taking in all of its natural beauty and more. There is literally so much included in your entry ticket (whether you purchase a day ticket or are a member, like me). 

Let me tell you what we got up to on our most recent visit and I’ll explain why Trentham is special to me.

Barefoot walk

First, we headed to the barefoot walk as we spotted it was open for the first time this year. Eek! I still remember to this day walking through the barefoot experience as a teenager. It was nostalgic to re-live a childhood memory with our own little family. Pretty surreal actually. Time really does fly and new memories at Trentham keep on coming, each time we visit. 

Lambing live

Next, we headed over to see the newborn lambs. I LOVE this time of year, it’s so magical. We were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable farmer who answered every single one of our questions, thoroughly. We (ok.. it was me) fell in love with a newborn that was standing on it’s mother and was super inquisitive as we moved around. Sooo adorable.  

My little one asked why we couldn’t take a lamb home. Ewe should try having that conversation with a four year old. There’s no  pulling the wool over her eyes, ok I’ll stop with the puns now and move on. 

The park

Next, it was time for my little girls favourite part, her familiar, safe, haven. As a mum, it’s lovely to sit back and watch your family smiling, laughing and having fun. My husband tends to bring out his inner-child when visiting the park too so it’s the only time I get five minutes peace (from the both of them)! My little one bolted from each section of the park; swinging, climbing, jumping, playing in the sandpit and riding around the tractor track. It was bliss. 


It was soon time to fill our bellies so we decided to enjoy lunch at Totally Delicious. We didn’t have to wait long for the food and the children’s ‘pick and choose’ choice is always a hit. I ALWAYS order the jacket potato (if you know, you know). I picked a prime seating spot on our table and ate my food whilst people watching, overlooking the stunning lake. Many visitors dined outside which was lovely to see at this time of year. 

Spring bulb festival 

Reading about the 1,000,000 bulbs being planted this year, we wanted to take our little one on a journey (scooting) through the Italian gardens before it was home time. Our four year old loved seeing the flowers that had popped so far and repeated ‘wow mummy this is beautiful’ as she scooted on by. We all played a game and each chose our favourite flower. My little one was adamant that she wanted some of the same flowers in her own garden and demanded that we visit the garden centre. Yep, for real, a budding gardener I think. 

I knew it was home time as my legs began to ache and had that 10,000 step firework notification thingy on my Fitbit. Joking aside, the next few weeks are going to be even more spectacular at Trentham Gardens. We’re genuinely looking forward to watching the baby lambs grow and show off their little personalities. The flowers are going to look breathtaking as they spring into life. We’re hoping to get a glimpse of the new beavers one day too. 

THIS is the reason we have annual passes. No two weekends are ever the same. 

The Mummy That Eats

Name: Carly Outerbridge