Baby Beaver Boom at Trentham: Second Kit Born in UK's Largest Enclosure - Trentham Estate

Baby Beaver Boom at Trentham: Second Kit Born in UK’s Largest Enclosure

Earlier this year, we at Trentham reintroduced a family of beavers to the largest beaver enclosure in Britain. We’re delighted to share that our beaver family has expanded. Our expert team has confirmed that in May or June, the female beaver welcomed a litter of 2 kits, highlighting the success of our efforts in providing these ‘ecosystem engineers’ with a suitable landscape.

Within our Grade II* listed Trentham Gardens, designed by Capability Brown, we proudly introduced beavers to a vast 182-acre enclosure surrounded by a parkland lake.

With guidance from the experts at the Beaver Trust, we reintroduced this family of Eurasian beavers, a native British species renowned for their positive impact on ecosystems, to our historic setting, which showcases a mile-long serpentine lake and ancient woodland.

This project has witnessed remarkable success; not only did our female beaver give birth just a few months after being relocated from Scotland in March, but the entire re-introduction process has been a thriving experience.

It’s worth noting that beavers breed once annually, typically from December to April, with litters of around two to three kits born in May or June. These kits are quick learners, taking to swimming within hours and leaving the nest between 1 – 2 months of age. They usually become independent when they turn two.

Our Beaver & Wildlife Ranger, Harvey Tweats, had an inkling that the female beaver had more than one kit. After meticulous examination of camera trap footage, he was ecstatic to confirm the birth of 2 kits.

Harvey shared his excitement, saying, “We are over the moon to confirm the birth of 2 kits. These kits seem strong and healthy, representing a significant milestone for both the estate and Staffordshire. We’re incredibly proud of the successful relocation of these beavers and are eager to watch the newest members of our beaver family explore their new home.”

Carol Adams, our Head of Horticulture and Biodiversity, has played a crucial role in this project. We’re anticipating offering our visitors insights into beaver activities, ensuring the Gardens remain at the forefront of supporting their reintroduction to Britain, in partnership with Beaver Trust.

She added, “In our continued effort to engage the local community, we’ve launched initiatives like Wildlife Wednesdays, featuring a Wildlife Cruise. Here, our Beaver and Wildlife Rangers share updates on species spotted around the lake and estate. Our evening Beaver Dusk Safari is another offering, allowing guests to tour the beaver enclosure accompanied by knowledgeable experts. We’ve seen immense success with the Beaver Dusk Safaris in August and are thrilled to announce additional dates for September.”

Our adult beavers are hard at work preparing for their kits and the upcoming winter. Our newly introduced ‘wildlife membership’ offers photographers early morning to dusk access to capture these precious moments, as the young kits begin to explore their surroundings under the watchful eyes of their family.

Our gardens are already a haven for a variety of wildlife and plant species, including kingfishers and water voles. While beavers will largely be allowed to shape their environment, we’ll be taking precautions to ensure harmony between them and other species.

Since 2003, we’ve been on an extensive regeneration journey, resulting in improved biodiversity and the successful reintroduction of crucial species. Our recent Dusk Beaver Safari tours and the highly awaited Wildlife Membership initiative are testament to our dedication to conservation and nature.

Duncan Coleman, one of our Wildlife rangers, expressed, “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Trentham’s transformation and the reintroduction of species such as water voles and beavers. With our new Wildlife Membership, we invite everyone, whether they’re newcomers or longtime visitors, to join us on this conservation journey.”

For detailed information on our Wildlife Membership and to secure your spot, please explore:

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