Rain or Shine: A Memorable Day at Trentham Estate - Trentham Estate
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Rain or Shine: A Memorable Day at Trentham Estate

Hi, my name is Colette, and I’m the author behind the family lifestyle and travel blog, “We’re going on an adventure.” On our trip to Trentham, I brought my three children aged 14, 12, and 9.

Italian Gardens at Trentham Estate

When we decided to embark on a journey to Trentham Estate during the summer holidays, little did I know that I’d be recounting our experience of a grey, drizzly day at Trentham in the heart of August. But then again, that seems to be the recurring theme for much of this summer, doesn’t it?

The weather forecast certainly wasn’t on our side, predicting thundery showers all day long. Nonetheless, we packed up a picnic, dressed appropriately for the weather, and decided to seize the day.

This summer, I’ve noticed that the outings my children used to enjoy no longer hold their attention as much. As it turned out, inviting friends to spend the day with us was the best decision. We spent several happy hours wandering around the lake, chatting, picnicking, playing, and enjoying the scenery. Trentham is a beautiful spot for a picnic, with plenty of picnic benches and open grassy areas.

‘The Fledglings’ sculpture designed and created by local artist Robin Wight

We had a great time in the play area after we strolled around the lake. The slackline in the play area was a big hit with my two children, who challenged themselves to balance on it. Ben and Finn spent a considerable amount of time using their scientific and mathematical knowledge to balance the seesaw with themselves in different positions—an entertaining sight for me.

What I really appreciated about the play area at Trentham Gardens was its division into sections, with smaller swings and equipment set apart from the larger, more challenging structures. Even though my eldest is now 14 and stands at 5ft 10, he was still entertained in the play area. This was thanks to the equipment being both big enough for him to use and interesting enough to capture his attention—for this experience, having his best mate with him made all the difference.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Gardens. I was amazed at how different they looked during the height of summer compared to the spring bulb festival.  I really appreciated how much effort must be required to keep them looking so beautiful year-round.

Before heading home, we took a stroll through the shopping village. We bought Amy and Erin matching coats on sale at Mountain Warehouse and treated everyone to bags of traditional sweets from the Sweet Emporium. As you can imagine, the boys were less impressed by the shopping.

It was unfortunate that the sun didn’t shine during our recent visit to Trentham Estate. However, you know what? It didn’t really matter—we had a wonderful day out regardless!

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